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Too many movies, too many tv shows, too much pressure.

With such a big offer, what a hell!

Lets became spectator back.

Remember of what matters. And forget the rest.

All the user experience has been thought to miss nothing!
WAATCH.co manages everything for you.

Find all you need. Even what you haven’t thought of.

On WAATCH.co all is designed to make you discover tv shows and movies. Fill all your need by using our lists, our pitch, our news, and much more.

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You can check what your friends watched and what they want to see.
You can even organise parties and choosing a movies together following your share taste.

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A waatcher always know what he saw and how much he liked it. With the ranking you input and the lists you create, you build your own experience.
All is sort out for you. You always know where do you stand.

You feel at home when you use WAATCH.co.
WAATCH.co is all about this.

Discover your personal environment. Are you more tv show or movie? Action movie or Romance? All you rate, all you want to see, will build up your universe. Enjoy!


Look at Julien's homepage. and see what it gives.

Welcome to the addicted ones, to the fans, to the passionated people, to the crazy ones!
In short, welcome to the Waatchers!

  • Waatcher Geek

    1 GBytes it is too small for a HD movie.

  • Waatcher Unbeatable

    I am the Wikipedia of movies and TV show.

  • Waatcher Anti Spoiler

    ‘Shut ip’ I can’t stand people spoiling even a small detail of a story.

  • Waatcher Collector

    I have the biggest collection of figurines. 100 at least. I beat all my friends!

  • Waatcher MonoManiac

    I watch over and over all the same good shows and movies!

  • Waatcher Anticonformist

    Blockbuster that’s bad! There are so many other thing to be discovered!

  • Waatcher Theater Addict

    At the theater, the security guard calls me by my name.

  • Waatcher Activist

    A movie has to be seen in original language (eventually with subtitles).